Identity & Branding

At Crowe’s Nest Media Marketing, when we say, “we’ll help you tell your story,” we’re really talking about helping you create or strengthen your overall brand.


What’s your brand?  Your brand is everything a customer or client thinks about your business that accounts for their decision to choose your product or service over another.  Companies with a strong brand have great loyalty.


A brand is often “emotional,” meaning consumers connect with your product or business at some personal level.  That’s why, at Crowe’s Nest Media Marketing, we focus on “telling your story.”


Our goal is to come in, gain an understanding of “who” you are, “what” you have to offer, and “where” you want to go.  Then, we set out to understand your audience and help you cleverly, effectively and affordably connect with your audience.


From putting you in contact with fantastic logo design options (we work with a great graphic designer, Myra Danehy of Danehy Design) to creating an engaging web design or video collateral, or even providing social media coaching, at Crowe’s Nest Media Marketing, we’ll work to do our best in branding your business in a “knock-your-socks off” sort of way.